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7:30AM - 8:30PM
Fri: 7:30AM - 4:30PM
Sat: 8AM - 12PM (semesters only) beginning 9/7/19

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Contact Us

Local: 203-365-7575
Tel: 866-365-7575 

The Factory is IT's combined Help Desk and Call Center.  In one location you will be able to get help with all things IT related. The staff of full-time employees and part-time students are extensively trained to provide first level support in almost every area of IT.  Most second level problems that require on-site visits or hardware repairs to laptops can also be done at the Factory. Feel free to stop by, across the hall from the dinning hall exit, if you want to speak with a technician in person or have your laptop looked at. 

The Call Center is staffed by students under one supervisor.  They are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and are a one-stop shop to request IT help.  You can reach them by calling 1-866-365-7575 for anywhere in the US except for the 203 area where you have to dial 203-365-7575. While on campus just dial the extension 7575. If a trouble ticket cannot be resolved over the phone, they can be escalated either to on-site support or to Level 2 IT support where a staff member responsible will address the issue directly. The trouble tickets are added to a queue and are resolved on a first come first serve basis unless it is deemed an emergency. 
The Help Desk provides hardware support and first level software & network connectivity support to all laptop users on campus. This includes all full-time undergraduate students and all full-time faculty, as well as part-time students and administrators who have joined the Mobile Computing Program.

Certified technicians are available to assist as users walk in with problems. When a laptop is diagnosed with faulty hardware other than the hard drive, the Help Desk swaps the defective unit with a working laptop, if a SHU owned laptop, and switches the hard drives. The student leaves with their new laptop and their old hard drive, leaving their applications and data intact. When the problem is determined to be the hard drive, the Help Desk swaps the defective laptop with a working laptop. When the problem is determined to be a software related issue, the Help Desk restores the original image within a matter of minutes.  If assisting with a student owned laptop a part is ordered and student will be notified once part is received if laptop is still working.  If laptop is not functional and left at Factory student can receive a loaner laptop and will be notified when their laptop is repaired. Technicians maintain parts on hand to expedite the turnaround time on repair.
The following is an example of the kinds of issues you can get resolved at the Factory:
  • All laptop and desktop software and configuration related issues
  • All laptop and desktop hardware issues
  • All problems associated with phones services
  • Faculty related issues like Blackboard
  • In class related issues like repair or proper configuration and troubleshooting of audio visual components
  • Cable TV related issues
  • Network connectivity issues and current availability status
  • Password resets
  • Limited Student Planning and Advising diagnosis, trouble tickets across the spectrum of Student Planning and Advising