Living & Learning Communities

Located throughout the University Housing residence halls, Living-Learning Communities (LLC) give students a unique residential learning experience that connects classroom learning with residence life.

Students enjoy all the usual advantages of living on campus in a residence hall, with the added benefit of living among a group that shares academic goals and interests. LLC residents also have access to many special resources, programs and activities, such as discussions, films, field trips, service learning projects, socials and more.

LLCs offered at Sacred Heart University

Honors Program Living Learning Community
The Thomas More Honors Program is home to many of Sacred Heart’s brightest and most committed students. First and second year honors students build a strong and dynamic residential community that collaborates with honors faculty to develop innovative learning experiences outside of the classroom. Through workshops, discussions, unique courses, cultural events, trips, socials and service projects, our students learn how to integrate a deep passion for learning within the greater context  of their lives at the University. In the end, our students develop into strong leaders not only for the intellectual life of our campus but also in a diversity of activities.

Welch Living Learning CommunityThe Welch Living & Learning Community is a great place for freshmen to explore what the Welch College of Business offers and expects from our students. Currently located on the 3rd floor of Roncalli Hall, the LLC is fun, friendly, and focused on the future.

SHU-WELL Living Learning Community
Are you interested in learning about ways to live a balanced healthy life? Looking to live with other freshmen who share your passion for wellness? The SHU-WELL Living Learning Community will provide you with opportunities to experience personal growth and explore issues related to physical, mental, spiritual, and environmental well being.

Community & Justice Living Learning Community
The Community & Justice Living and Learning Community is a service learning focused collection of SHU students who are dedicated to being a positive force for social justice and equality.

Gaming & Technology Living Learning Community
The Gaming & Technology LLC will expose students equally to three overlapping areas of inquiry: games, technology, and game theory. In particular, students will critically engage with the ethics of gaming and technology, questions about strategic decision making, and issues surrounding how technology changes our society and humanity. The LLC focuses on intellectual curiosity about games and technology within a community of students who share a passion for both.