Residential Halls

Pioneer Band in Front of DormAll Freshmen students will live in well developed communities with a great deal of staff/student interaction. The staff is readily available for the residential population, and will keep a close eye on the needs of every individual. Centrally located to the heart of campus, Seton Hall, Merton HallRoncalli HallBergoglio Hall and Toussaint Hall house the entire freshman residential class in double and triple occupancy rooms.

As students return to campus for their sophomore year, they will continue to live with-in close proximity to the center of campus in suite and apartment style housing. The staff is available on a regular basis, and is in tune with the specific needs of sophomore students. Housed in Scholars CommonsChristian Witness Commons, Pioneer Garden Apartments, Oakwood Garden Apartments, , and the Upper Quad (expected to open in January of 2020) sophomore students continue to progress through our housing experience as their autonomy continues to develop. All sophomore students must live on campus as stated in the residential living contract. 

Rounding out the housing philosophy, junior and senior residential students will be housed in Oakwood Garden Apartments, The Ridge Townhouses and Apartments, and Taft Commons. Located half of a mile to just about three miles away from campus, these areas afford flexible living arrangements in apartments and townhouses. With staff available in these areas, residential students will obtain the experience of living independently in "Off Campus" facilities with the benefit of Sacred Heart University staff members overseeing the area.