Commuter Life

The key to Commuter Life is getting involved, whether it be joining a club/organization/athletic program, coming back to campus for an event or visiting the residence halls after classes. Commuter Life offers a variety of opportunities to all commuter students; everything that the resident students are offered. We offer social activities, events, concerts, games, trips, etc. Commuter students are encouraged to get involved with all that SHU offers because it’s an integral part of your college experience. By getting involved, you’ll meet other students and expand your horizons outside the classroom.

Below you will find some of the most important topics we want you to familiarize yourself with as a Commuter Student at SHU. 

Involvement Opportunities

Every student is encouraged to participate in all Clubs/Organizations, Greek Life, Club Sports, D-1 Athletics, Intramurals, and events on campus. Be sure to check your SHU email on a daily basis. There are many activities, sporting events, and club meetings that you can attend. You can learn all about them at the Involvement Fair on the first Friday of classes.

All of the clubs and organizations that are offered through the Student Life/Student Activities Office are available to all Full-Time Undergraduate Students, regardless of whether they are a commuter or resident student. We encourage all students to get involved in a club, fraternity/sorority, club sport, intramural team, etc. We are hoping to bring back the Commuter Council, so look out for information about that via email when school begins.

Dining on Campus

Commuters are welcome to eat in all of our facilities: 63’s & The Market in the Main Academic Building, Linda’s in the McMahon Student Commons, the Library Café in the Ryan Matura Library, JP's Diner, Einstein Bros. Bagels in the Martire Building, The Market at West Campus, and Balance Kitchen at the CHE. Freshmen, Sophomore & new Transfer commuter students will be billed the Jefferson Meal Plan so that you can enjoy all that our dining services offers and give you the chance to eat/socialize with your classmates while on campus. You can always add money to your SHU ID card (cash/credit) by going to the PHIL machine located in the hallway across from the Student Union, or by doing it through Blackboard.

Areas to Study or Relax

The best place to study on campus is the Ryan Matura Library. Many students find it quiet and useful for their studies. Hawley Lounge becomes the hub for relaxing, doing work and hanging out between classes. All students on campus, especially commuters, find their home in Hawley. There are couches, tables, chairs, outlets for your computer or phone, pool tables, tv’s, games, lockers, and many offices to assist you with any questions.  You can also study or relax in 63’s, the McMahon Commons, the Martire Building, or any other seating area on campus.


Students are welcome to park anywhere on campus during the academic year, except for designated lots for specific residential halls. Each commuter student has the opportunity to purchase a Commuter Parking Decal for a small cost. All information regarding parking and registering for a decal can be found at Once this process is completed, the cost for the decal will be billed to your SHU account.

SHU Email

Remember to check your email every day. Professors, Advisors, Campus Staff/Officials will contact you with important information or ask questions that need a response back from you. Also, various event announcements & calendars will be communicated with the students through email.

Student Experience

Stay on campus to study, eat lunch/dinner, or hang out with friends. It’s a great way to meet people, and get connected/involved. Your college experience is all what you make of it. There is so much fun and education to be had outside of the classroom. Don’t sit at home or ever think “what if…” We offer so much for our students and want everyone to take advantage of it all while they’re here.

Making Connections

Don’t sit back and let your college years pass you by. Get to know your classmates, fellow peers, staff, and faculty by introducing yourself and taking the first step. Become connected to the university community in more ways than one. 


If you have any questions, please contact:

Amy Novak
Director of Student Activities
Phone: 203-371-7969