Hersher Institute

Promoting opportunities for ethical reflection and debate at Sacred Heart University since 1993.

The Hersher Institute started in 1993 with a generous endowment from local businessman Kurt Hersher and named in memory of his father. The Hersher Institute for Applied Ethics promotes ethical reflection and education across the curriculum. Several of its programs are directed to the faculty, preparing them to incorporate ethical analysis more effectively into their courses. The Institute also promotes conversations around the campus about the pressing ethical issues of our time, all with the goal of helping Sacred Heart students develop a sound moral foundation to take into their careers and their communities.

The Hersher Institute sponsors a variety of thematic programming events to meet these goals. They include: public forums on current topics with ethical import, faculty roundtable discussions, a major speaker series, and faculty book groups. Under Current Programming, one can see the theme and lecture titles for the current year and past years back to 2012, including videos of some of these events.

To provide practical assistance in teaching ethics, the Hersher Institute sponsors stand-alone roundtable discussions and readings groups. The Institute has trained faculty to develop new courses or modules within courses that treat ethics. Under the Faculty Resources menu, faculty can locate “Ethics Modules” to adapt into their courses.  Hence, SHU students are increasingly encountering moral issues and ethical reasoning across the curriculum.

For more information, contact the Directors of the Hersher Institute:

Brian Stiltner
Department of Philosophy, Theology & Religious Studies
Tel: 203-371-7730

Christine Susienka, Ph.D.
Department of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies
Tel: 203-371-7730