Hating Women – It’s Been Around a Long Time!

News Story: August 22, 2019

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The Office of Mission & Catholic Identity, the College of Arts and Sciences and the Human Journey Colloquia Series present Heart Challenges Hate, a discussion series, on Wednesday, November 6, at 7 p.m. in the Martire Theater (E145) at 5401 Park Avenue, Fairfield. The talk is entitled “Hating Women – It’s Been Around a Long Time!” Featured speakers will include Professors June-Ann Greeley (Theology) and Professor Christina Taylor (Psychology). This presentation will take an honest and scholarly look at the pervasiveness of misogyny (women hating) in past and contemporary cultures and address the topic from the perspectives of psychology, religious, intellectual and cultural studies. As long as people remain attached to one kind of hatred, then others are bound to flourish. Sacred Heart University is responding to the troubling environment of hate and violence that is so prevalent in the United States—and the world—today with a series of discussions that will allow for reasoned and civil discourse. These events will be interactive and free of charge, and the public is welcome to join in the discussion. FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.