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Sacred Heart University's faculty and staff experts are available to provide journalists with their insight and expertise on a wide variety of topics. The following list of disciplines will lead you to a number of experts on campus, but if you don't see what you are looking for here, please let us know. We’d be happy to put you in touch with experts who may not be listed here.

Also, we know you are working on deadline, so please contact SHU's Public Relations department so that we can put you in touch with an expert as quickly as possible.

Deborah Noack
Director of Communications
Tel: 203-396-8483

Tracy Deer-Mirek
Associate Director of Communications
Tel: 203-371-7751

Kimberly Swartz
Assistant Director of Media Relations
Tel: 203-396-8047


Jack Welch College of Business & Technology

Economics and Finance

Lucjan Orlowski, Ph.D.
Professor Orlowski's research concentrates on international financial markets, monetary policy regimes and their impact on macroeconomic and financial stability. He has been actively involved with the European Union's eastern enlargement, particularly the design of monetary and financial integration strategies. His current research interest focuses on modeling and assessing financial risk. He has worked with the European Commission Economic and Finance Committee on the post-crisis policy responses to extreme risks in financial markets.

For expertise in other areas of interest, see full list below.

College of Arts & Sciences

Catholic Issues and Vatican Affairs

Michael W. Higgins, Ph.D.
Professor Higgins has been a columnist, a radio documentary maker, a television commentator on Vatican affairs, and a regular contributor to Commonwealth magazine. He was, as well, the chief advisor for the widely acclaimed TV series, Sir Peter Ustinov’s Inside the Vatican. 

Government, Politics, and Connecticut Politics

Gary Rose, Ph.D.
He is the Chairman of the Department of Government and Politics. His teaching and research interests include American Politics, American Presidency, Presidential Elections, Constitutional Law, State and Local Government, and Political Parties. Dr. Rose joined the Sacred Heart University faculty in 1982. He is a frequent commentator for various media regarding national and Connecticut politics.

Biology, Population Ecology, Restoration, Conservation, and Long Island Sound Horseshoe Crabs

Jennifer Mattei, Ph.D.
She is a professional consultant on the biological component of Environmental Impact Statements, upland, wetland, and stream restoration, control of invasive plant species, and the population ecology of economically important species.

Social Work Practice & Social Justice

Bronwyn Cross-Denny, Ph.D., LCSW
Bronwyn Cross-Denny is a licensed clinical social worker with extensive practice experience with individuals, families, couples, groups and organizations with a broad array of issues. She was responsible for leading the successful development and initial accreditation with the distinctive vision of integrated practice of the master of social work program at SHU. She continues to develop global opportunities for students to achieve the University mission of social justice, promoting the common good and service to others. Her research areas focus on human diversity, social justice and global engagement. 

For expertise in other areas of interest, see full list below.

College of Health Professions

Health Promotion, Active Living, and Healthy Eating

Anna E. Greer, Ph.D., CHES
Dr. Anna Greer is a Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES). Her research focuses on promoting active living and healthy eating in communities. Dr. Greer consults regularly for organizations providing health promotion services. Consultation topics include but are not limited to: strategic planning, program planning, data analysis, and program evaluation.

Public Health Nutrition

Jacqueline Vernarelli, Ph.D.
Jacqueline Vernarelli is a translational nutrition scientist who studies food and the people who eat it. She has expertise in assessment of dietary intake, nutritional epidemiology and public health nutrition. She serves as a professional consultant for the food industry and regularly consults for community organizations in need of assistance with nutrition-related programming. Her research focuses on how diet and lifestyle behaviors influence health status. She currently serves as a director for research education and consultation in the College of Health Professions.

Cultural Competence, Diversity & Inclusion

Christina Gunther, M.A.
Christina Gunther’s expertise lies within the field of cultural competence, diversity and inclusion. She presents and consults nationally on topics that include cultural competence, diversity, power and privilege, implicit bias and stereotype representations. Her current research focuses on students’ self-awareness of their own cultural habits and implicit biases, best practices for creating culturally appropriate healthcare curricula and reducing gender discrimination through empowerment of the individual. She is a qualified administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory? and the International Conflict Styles Inventory?.           

For expertise in other areas of interest, see full list below.

College of Nursing

Nursing Primary Care, Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, and Medically Underserved Populations

Susan DeNisco, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CNE, CNL
Her research interests include Vulnerable Populations, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Diabetes in African Americans, Depression and Anxiety Disorders, and Medication Adherence in the Elderly.

For expertise in other areas of interest, see full list below.

Isabelle Farrington College of Education

School Finance, the Achievement Gap and Student Performance Data Analysis 

David G. Title
Professor David Title served as a Superintendent of Schools for 14 years in Connecticut before joining the SHU faculty. His areas of expertise include school finance, school and district long-range planning, the achievement gap, school and district accountability and analysis of student performance data. 

For expertise in other areas of interest, see full list below.

Public Safety

Security and Emergency Planning

Gary MacNamara
He is the University’s executive director for public safety and government affairs. He started his career at the Fairfield Police Department as a patrol officer in 1991 and became chief of police in 2010. Knowledgeable on law enforcement, security training, management of security, emergency planning functions and campus safety.

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Federal and Corporate Taxation

Internal Revenue Service




Native North America


Anatomy and Physiology

Aquatic Ecology


Evolutionary Biology

Invertebrate Ecology

Marine Science


Molecular Genetics



Restoration Ecology





Environmental Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry




Media Literacy

Media and Popular Culture

Multimedia News Production


Youth Literacy


Algorithm Design

  • Efim Kinber, Ph.D.

Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence

Computer Science



Information Technology


Criminal Justice

Domestic Violence


Corporate Finance




Financial Analysis

Financial Management

Financial Modeling

Health Economics

International Economics

International Finance

Investment Management


Risk and Insurance Management

Sports Finance


Achievement Gap



Bullying in School

Children with Disabilities

Disability Law


Education Law

Education and Music

Education and Technology

Educational Leadership

Educational Technology

Family Literacy

International Education

K-12 Education

Literacy and Assessment


Online Learning

Reading Consulting

School Safety

Service-Based Learning

State and National Standards

STEM Education


Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Engineering Education


British Literature


American Literature

Medieval Literature

  • Robin Mcallister





Exercise Science

Sport Performance


Community and Behavioral Health

Disaster Response


Environmental Health Issues


  • Linda B. Melodia, RN, BSN, MSN, DNP

Global Health

  • Harriet A. Fields, Ed.D., RN


Healthcare Policy

  • Harriet A. Fields, Ed.D., RN

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention




American History

Art History

Chinese History

Civil Rights

European History

German History

Grecian History

Latin American History

Medieval History

Religious History


Food & Beverage

Sanitation & Service Inovation



Private Clubs


Human Resource Management/Talent Management

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace



Supply Chain/Sustainable Manufacturing

International Business

Legal Issues/Employment Law/Discrimination

Family Work Life Balance

Management Consulting





Fashion Marketing

Consumer Behavior

Digital Marketing

International Marketing

Social Media

Tourism Marketing

Sustainable Marketing

Marketing Analytics/Big Data


Marketing Strategy



  • George Goss, M.S.

Mathematical Analysis


  • George Goss, M.S.


Musical Education

  • Walker Beard
  • Kevin Lam


Cirital Care

Cardiovascular Disease


17th Century Philosophy

Perception of Philosophy


Physical Therapy

Musculoskeletal Examination

Neurological Examination & Therapy


Running Biomechanics, Running Injury




Cardiology/Heart Health

American Government

American Politics

American Presidency

Constitutional Law

Latin American Politics

Political Economy

Politics & Religion

Presidential Elections

Public Policy and Public Administration

State and Local Government



  • Ron Hamel, MA
  • Mindy Miserendino, Ph.D.

Animal Psychology

Child Psychology

Drugs and Behaviors

  • Ron Hamel, MA

Psychology of Women

  • Christina J. Taylor, Ph.D.

Sports Psychology



Nonprofit Leadership and Management

Nonprofit Service Delivery Networks

Partnerships and Mergers between Nonprofit Organizations


Biblical Studies, Theology, Spirituality and Catholic Issues

Cults, Sects and New Religious Movements

Ethics, Bioethics, Religion and Ethics

The “Nones” (Non-religiosity, Secularism, Atheism, Agnosticism)

Intersection of Religion, Gender and Sexuality

Religion & Politics

  • Shannon R. Lane, Ph.D., LMSW

Palliative and Hospice

  • Robin Danzak, Ph.D.

Language Development and Dyslexia